Rumor: Bryan Cranston Signs On As Lex Luthor

If Thursday’s announcement of Affleck as the newest Batman wasn’t enough, rumors have been circling online all day that Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston has signed a deal with Warner Bros. to star as Lex Luthor in the upcoming film as well.

If true, this could maybe stem the tide of bad reaction the Affleck announcement produced, as many were hoping he would be cast. Warner Bros. hasn’t made an official casting announcement as of yet, but Cosmic Book News is reporting that they plan to do just that at the conclusion of the final season of Breaking Bad. They’re also reporting that Cranston may be signed on for as many as six films, with an option to extend to ten. Those six films I imagine would be sequels to Snyder’s Man of Steal, and also the forthcoming Justice League and it’s sequels.

I for one am incredibly happy if this turns out to be true. For those of us who watch, and are fans of Breaking Bad this seems like a no-brainer. Cranston can play downright evil when he needs to, and yet still ring sympathetic. I just hope WB moves away from the land hungry Lex we’ve seen so many times and instead treats him as the ruthless and cunning business man from the source material.

I’ll update the story if Warner Bros. decides to announce early due to the leak. But for now, what do you think?