(Rumor) Casting Shortlist For Batman In Upcoming Superman VS Batman

After the announcement of the Superman vs. Batman film at Comic-Con, talk quickly turned to who would be cast in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. It didn’t help when director Zack Snyder prefaced his announcement with a reading from Frank Miller’s seminal work, The Dark Knight Returns, which features a much older Batman coming out of retirement to once again fight against the crime of Gotham City. Speculation has been all over the place since. But according to THR, Warner Brothers may already have a shortlist of go to actors for the role based on a character description that calls for an older and more established Batman, a list the includes the likes of Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling. Here’s the full list.

Josh Brolin– At 46 years old, Brolin is at the top of the list. No doubt he’s a venerable actor, and could easily make the part his own. He’s already familiar with the work of Frank Miller, as he’ll co-star in the sequel to Sin City next year, another Miller work. He’s definitely got the look and the skill to pull of a much older, and experienced Dark Knight.

Ryan Gosling– Gosling doesn’t seem like the type to take a role like this. I’m not quite sold on him anyway. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great actor, and he can pull off the right attitude for this character, but in my opinion he’s too baby faced to play a believable Batman.

Joe Manganiello– A front-runner for Snyder’s Man of Steel, who had to drop out due to his commitment to True Blood. It would be serendipitous for him to get the role, but honestly, I haven’t seen enough of his work to know if he would be right for the character. He certainly has the right look, though.

Richard Armitage– Having just finished production on The Hobbit, Armitage could easily move into the role. He would be an interesting pick. But like Manganiello, I’m not familiar enough with his work.

Matthew Goode– Like Gosling, Goode is too baby faced for the role. But he does already have an existing relationship with Snyder, having worked with him in Watchmen.

Max Martini– After Brolin, I like Martini the most. He was good in his small role as one half of the Australian Jaeger team in Pacific Rim. Plus, he’s mostly unknown, which might help in moving past Bale’s version of the character.

Curiously left off the list is Karl Urban, who would be my number one pick. His performance in last years Dredd is basically an audition for Batman. And if you ask me, he just has the right look. And more than anyone else, he deserves it. He’s been terrific in every supporting role he’s played, and just needs a big break to knock his career into the public perception.

Who would you pick if you had a choice? What are you looking for in the next incarnation of Batman?