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EP.9 – Only God Forgives / The Conjuring

We’re talking Nicholas Winding Refn’s newest, Only God Forgives, as well as the The Conjuring. We also dive into some of the more exciting news out of San Diego Comic-Con. Download and subscribe via iTunes. For Android devices, you

Review: THE CONJURING Delivers Haunted House Fun

I’ll go ahead and say upfront: I love exorcism films. They’re my favorite horror subgenre because we know the rules, we know the tropes, and new films are expected to have a fresh twist on the subject

Review: The Conjuring Brings The Scares

As a rule, I don’t normally buy into these ‘based on a true story’ tales of horror. After all, it is a movie and things may have been embellished to ramp up the scares. But if you