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Spoiler Alert: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Two guys, two chicks and a wheelchair bound brother of one of the chicks walk into a bar… no, not really. But they do get in a van. The siblings want to take a little trip to

Spoiler Alert: Carrie

Director Brian De Palma made sure he was going to get the male audience attention from the start. Young women playing volleyball, then going to the locker room where the full-frontal nudity and showers happen in slow

Spoiler Alert: Children of the Corn

Gatlin, Nebraska – On a Sunday, townspeople in Gatlin left church and went to the local diner for lunch. A young Carrot Top is playing pinball while a child in a bow tie sits at the counter

Spoiler Alert: Rosemary’s Baby

Before acclaimed director Roman Polanski was pleading guilty to the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl and subsequently fleeing the country to avoid serving a jail sentence, he was making films such as Rosemary’s Baby. It stars

Spoiler Alert: Hellraiser

What was it about this movie that stood out to me? Well, let’s get the synopsis out of the way first: a guy buys this fancy box, opens it – while shirtless and surrounded by candles, of