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(Rumor) Casting Shortlist For Batman In Upcoming Superman VS Batman

After the announcement of the Superman vs. Batman film at Comic-Con, talk quickly turned to who would be cast in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. It didn’t help when director Zack Snyder prefaced his announcement with a

EP.9 – Only God Forgives / The Conjuring

We’re talking Nicholas Winding Refn’s newest, Only God Forgives, as well as the The Conjuring. We also dive into some of the more exciting news out of San Diego Comic-Con. Download and subscribe via iTunes. For Android devices, you

Recent and Upcoming VOD Releases

If you’re anything like me, you might be feeling a little over extended with the glutton of big summer movies. For the past month, I’ve had at least two or three weekly visits to the theater, and

Review: ONLY GOD FORGIVES Takes No Prisoners

Nicolas Winding Refn has gone on record to describe himself as a “fetish” filmmaker. Violence is chief among the subjects that Refn fetishizes. It’s inheritent in every film that he’s made: the PUSHER trilogy, BRONSON, VALHALLA RISING,